How to become more productive: 5 habits to get you working smarter, not harder

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In the summertime, productivity is known to drop. In an IT working environment, it’s sometimes harder to concentrate on your tasks and block out the distractions than to do the work itself. And to make things even harder, the warm weather is making you daydreaming about sandy beaches and a gentle sea breeze. However, there are a few things you can start practicing to get your productivity back. Interested? Read on.

New morning routine: “Me” time

Most of us begin the day by reading emails and checking calendars, which automatically starts building up pressure the minute we arrive at work. A feeling we encounter, that someone else is dictating our day is actually starting to limit what we feel we can accomplish. 

Instead, try coming in a few minutes earlier, and devoting those few minutes to yourself. Browse through your social profiles, have a cup of coffee and read the news. Get the fuel you need to start the day fresh and then close all those tabs and move on to your work.

Clearly define your tasks

illustration of defining tasks allows a person to work smarter

What needs to be done to get the project to the desired stage? How much of that work can I do today? What result do I want to accomplish today, that will have the most impact on my work tomorrow?

This kind of narrowing is actually prioritizing which helps you with organization and time management. Of course, it helps a lot if your entire company has the same moto. We know because RCMT IT Europe is Agile to the bone.

If someone tells you that they do not know what they’ll be working on tomorrow, or what kind of situation they can expect when they get to the office, or, even worse, if you start telling people such things, know that something’s not wrong only with the productivity. The problem may lie deeper, in the very core of the company.

Do the most important work before your lunch break

Tackle the most challenging problems while you’re still fresh. 

If possible, schedule meetings in the afternoon. Also, try to leave responding to emails for after the lunch break. Those activities, even though they are not presumed hard work, are time-consuming and can wear you down in a way that your brain just can’t be creative in problem-solving afterwords.

Accountability check

When productivity levels are going down it’s good to have someone to hold you accountable for an expected result. In other words, it’s not really pleasant to have to tell your co-worker or a manager that depend on you that you haven’t delivered, right?

Even if you don’t have a tight managing structure at work, define your goals and appoint someone from your closest circle to check on you once in a while. 

Don’t bring it home

illustration of a woman relaxing after work

There are 8 working hours a day (most often). The other 16 are for you.

Relax, work out, read a good book, eat home-cooked and healthy food, spend time with your loved ones.

Your home routine acts as a charger in a way, actually.

By enjoying yourself, you will get to a state that it will be easier to battle the ongoing battle with low motivation and productivity drops. You’ll get to work well-rested and refreshed.

By embedding these 5 work habits in your workday, your productivity level will rise and, even better, they’ll stay that way.

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