Social Media Marketing during the holidays: 4 reasons to let your business finally feel the joy

social media marketing holidays

The holiday season is officially in. It will make or break your business. If you haven’t considered advertising on social media by now, take a moment to read this article and find out why you should reconsider, and reconsider fast! That is if you wish your business to feel the joy.

You have customers physically lining up outside your door. Your products are selling like crazy. Dreams came true. Why would your successful business need to advertise on social media, or advertise at all?

Thanks for the question, it’s a good one. Let’s start the answer from the top.

Reason #1: Come into my life I got so many products to show you

Your, let’s say, Facebook page, is like you have a store or an office on the busiest street in town. The most important difference between the actual store, a website and a Facebook page: the last one is free. So you have a spot on the busiest street in town and you don’t have to pay a dime to move in. Will you move in then?

Ok, that’s an easy one.

You moved in. You’ve set shop. But no one is coming in, no one is even window shopping, let alone buying stuff. What’s the use in having a Facebook page when it’s not bringing in new customers?

 Well, remember when you opened up your actual store. You had to spread the word around a little bit that it’s there, that it’s new and that it offers cool and unique products. You maybe printed out some flyers, paid a commercial on a local radio station… Same here, only for fewer bucks. For as little as 10$ you could reach as many as 5000 people for 24 hours. And those people are specifically chosen by you (or your digital marketing manager) because they are the ones most likely to buy your products.

The following image was screenshotted from our own Facebook Ads manager. It represents the results of a Halloween campaign we posted. The duration of the campaign was 24 hours.

a screenshot showing results of a recently completed campign in facebook ads manager

Ok, by now we established that a Facebook page is a free office space on the busiest street in town where thousands of people pass by every day (and night) and that if you give it 10 bucks, it will send those people directly to your door

Reason #2: Buy, Buy, Buy 

Will they buy? 

Getting people to visit your Facebook page is one thing, but getting them to buy something from you is a little harder. After they’ve liked you because your page has a genuine design and offers helpfull products/advice/services it’s time to get close to them. 

In your physical store, you probably know your regular customers’ names and buying habits. That’s one of the reasons they keep buying from you and not your competitor across the street. On Facebook, you can know your people, their shopping preferences and interests so thorough that you can base your entire product lines on this data. 

Here’s an overall profile of our followers. 

a screenshot of rcmt it europe facebook page audience

It works this way: If we were to launch a new piece of software, like, a shooting game, we wouldn’t target the women age 45-54 with our Facebook Ad campaign, since they make just 5% of our total followers, and naturally, they wouldn’t be interested in such a product. 

So, using data provided by Facebook’s Insight feature (and some other magic that we’ll gladly apply if you contact us), you know who’s window shopping, and if you dig a little deeper you can create a user persona of your typical customer so you know how to approach them and what to offer and when. The point is to get to customers on a personal level, engage them through live communication and earn their trust. 

You have to admit, you can’t even memorize 200 names of people dropping by to your actual store, but on Facebook where all of us share our lives, you can get in touch with almost everybody without mistaking their name, interest or order.

Reason #3: All I want for Christmas is you

To make your physical store appealing on a particular holiday you have to spend a pretty penny for decorations, employee uniforms, music and so on. On Facebook, you just need the right design. 

rcmt it europe regular and halloween logo

For instance, on Halloween, we changed our company logo to be in alignment with the holiday. It resulted in a nice spike in the number of our followers. Just for 1 day.

screenshot of a spike in follower number on rcmt it europe facebook page

So, we would strongly recommend, you do the same. Every season has its charms, and people love to be reminded of the beautiful and fun things that surround them. 

Be the one business that points that out, and you’ve bought their attention all the way. You’ve automatically positioned your products above other brands because customers feel more connected to you then they do to them.

If you don’t have an idea on how to do a design shift like this, we’ll think of something, don’t worry.

Reason #4: Hey, now, hey, now, don’t dream it’s over

If you depended on overall holiday shopping mania for revenue up till today, please stop right now. 

Social media marketing requires some effort, that is true, but the loyal clientele that you’ll be acquiring can’t be acquired anywhere else. Not to mention the speed of reaching people with announcements, events, discounts, product launches and all other relevant info that usually brings people’s attention to you.

It is worth a try.

Of course, your actual store or office still brings you benefits, and you shouldn’t just go and close the whole thing down because you’ve tasted a little success from social media promotions. If you’re skillful and inventive enough, you can combine the best practices from both sides and take the best from both worlds.

Let your business feel the joy this holiday season, contact us for a tailored advertising campaign and social media managing.

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