How to migrate LinkedIn followers to another company page: Solved!

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It may seem a bit unprofessional and some of your followers may even find it rude if you suddenly stop posting content on your LinkedIn company page due to the creation of another one. But sometimes, this is an action that a company has to take for the greater good if it wants to establish a professional and an adequate online presence. Read on to find out how to migrate your followers and not lose the audience of connections you’ve worked hard on building if you’re for any reason compelled to create a new LinkedIn company page.

Why is the migration of LinkedIn followers sometimes necessary?

Some time ago our marketing team acquired a new client, a high profile company from the power industry. 

This is a successful and traditional business which as of recently, with our help, has come to understand that a strategically guided online presence is an absolute necessity in these digital times we’re living in. 

No matter how small or how big your business is, no matter how many clients you have — 10 or 10.000 —  RCMT IT Europe marketing team always repeats this: social media is good for you

We’re even planning on printing out a banner in their office with these exact words so they don’t have to be as repetitive. 

To get back to our client’s story. 

An employee used to administer the company’s LinkedIn account, but the management decided that the content wasn’t making an impact that they were hoping for. The LinkedIn administrator role was not, by the way, a role that this person has been professionally trained in, it’s something they’ve agreed on doing voluntarily. A decision was made to put a stop to this page and to create a new one, on fresh, healthy and brand-worthy grounds.

So we created a new page, gave it a slightly different, more modern visual identity while keeping the recognizable elements of the client’s brand. All in all, after a few tweaks from our content manager, the new LinkedIn company page was ready to start publishing great content. 

But, the followers?!

What happens to followers when two LinkedIn company pages are merged?

In short, when you merge two pages, all the content, advertising campaigns, job postings, analytics, etc. are lost. Everything but the followers and employees.

All the people that listed the company as their place of employment are transferred to the page you’re retaining in the merger. And all the followers will automatically be joined with the followers on the LinkedIn company page you are retaining, too.

How to migrate followers and merge two company pages on LinkedIn

In a previous article we wrote about a problem lots of people face on LinkedIn, we discovered the secret hideout of the LinkedIn customer support. You’ll need to be nice to these guys again in order to conduct a successful merger of pages and migrate your followers to the new page.

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the LinkedIn customer support page
  • You’ll be asked to put in some info on your problem, and when you do, most probable answers will show up
linkedin customer support page
  • If you wish to proceed and write to the support team because you haven’t found the answer you’ve been searching for, click the NEXT button under the list of helpful articles.
  • There, you’ll find a contact form which you should fill out. We advise you to be open and sincere, and as specific as possible and submit your question or request.

Be sure to provide correct information about:

  • The company names exactly as they appear on the Pages for the company.
  • The URLs for the Page(s) you want to merge.
  • The reason the Page(s) should be merged.
  • Clearly identify the Page(s) that need to be merged and the Page that needs to be retained.

Bonus tip for LinkedIn company pages merger: prepare the followers

It’s incredible how much can you get just by being transparent about your intentions and actions towards your online audience. In case the old page, which you plan to merge to a new one, still has access by a person who used to be an administrator, it’s a good thing to post a notification of some kind and make followers aware of the little shift that’s about to happen. 

migration notification by a former linkedin admin

This will make you trustworthy by your followers, and many of them will migrate on their own.

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