Digital transformation: Why going digital is important for your business

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Advanced information and communication technologies created a new way to do business. The global economy was officially boosted. Through digital channels, consumers can buy products without physically getting in touch with the product provider. They just need an internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone. The digital transformation allows you to utilize the power of business software, expand your market and stay in contact with your clients while having instant feedback and responding to their requests at a glance. 

If you had the possibility to attract more clients, would you take the risk and embark on a digital transformation of your company?

Do you think your brand is well known? Did you respond to your potential clients’ demands?

Usually, small businesses depend on their clients’ goodwill and geographical proximity. Going digital can increase brand awareness of a company and attract more clients. Moreover, it will allow a business to expand its market share to the international level and become a micro-international company. 

One of the reasons why a digital business approach is a must-have today is sustainability. Your presence on the web is essential: if you’re not there, people can’t find you, clients don’t know you exist and can’t reach you either physically or through digital channels. 

Sustainability is a matter of time, and digital transformation will assure it for your business. It’s a playing offense strategy that will make it harder for your competitors to attack you and for the new entrants to follow you. 

Digital transformation in Serbia: The Statistics

Just in the last few years, enterprises in the Republic of Serbia started using digital. 

  • Till 2018, micro and small businesses represented 97% of these enterprises. 
  • 99.8% of the companies use the internet for overall business purposes 
  • 82,6% of these companies have a website. 

Despite this, the investment in the IT infrastructure such as the internet remains low and far below the EU average. Furthermore, the internet is, in general, much slower than in Europe, and more expensive. 

Competition is already busy getting their piece of the cake on the internet. Don’t wait, invest in digital.
Speaking of which, the costs of the investment in a digital transformation is reducing because of the evolution and innovation of the information and communication technologies. But you should know that a digital transformation means continuous progress, your strategy should be flexible and adaptive along with any sudden change of technology.   

How to start with digital transformation if you’re a small business from Serbia?

First of all, you should start planning on implementing a digital approach. Research shows that 60% of Serbian companies have neither a plan nor a strategy to lead a digital transformation. Most of them think that developing a strategy is still a high investment. 

Second, you have to know that digital transformation is not just installing and using software. It’s a change within your company, and your structure should also be flexible to undergo this transformation without any boundaries. For example, the transformation can get stuck at a structural level because of hierarchical boundaries. Or it could easily happen that your employees are not qualified and skilled to use digital tools. 

Everyone should be engaged in the transition, accept it and know how to use technology. 

This brings us to the users’ skills part. Information and communication technologies require a certain level of knowledge. Employees should be able to use software applications to accomplish their missions. Otherwise, personnel has to receive a training session so they learn how to command the needed technology.    

What are the inconveniences of a digital strategy?

Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this part! 

  1. The digital world has no disadvantages. 
  2. It’s a winning strategy. 
  3. But, of course, like any strategy which is developed, if you don’t lead the change efficiently, it won’t be fruitful.

A piece of advice: Get a digital transformation consultant

Of course, having a website is not necessary, it depends on your activity and your products. 

It’s about existing in the digital world along with good content that you can deliver.

Let’s take social media for example, even though having an active and professional social media presence is just one small part of the digital transformation process. 

We recently acquired a client who wanted to reach more potential customers through Facebook and Instagram. As she confirms, even in a short period that we’ve been managing her accounts, her average organic post reach has grown, thus — the phone started ringing more often!

Client’s Facebook post reach a month before we started managing her accounts

Client’s Facebook  post reach since we started managing her accounts

This is our job, we can help you deliver the best content, and which makes you stand out in the crowd to the people craving for your services. 

Thinking of contacting us? Do it.

Small businesses must instore a culture of change before leading it. And that’s nothing to be feared of. Digital transformation is a process. It requires a step by step method and a continuous knowledge transfer.
If you already implemented a digital approach and it’s not working, review your business plan so it can be more adaptive to it. Use benchmarks to your favor, look for opportunities to meet and interact with entrepreneurs, IT leaders and companies which have experienced a digital transformation.
Usually, heads of the company or managers prefer to make the change themselves which sometimes is a gamble. But you can also collaborate with digitized businesses or go into a long-term partnership with a trusted IT company.

This article was written by Youssef El Yamani, who is currently on a marketing internship at RCMT IT Europe

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