Company pages on LinkedIn CAN comment on non-followers’ posts: Here’s how

inkedin pages can comment

Facebook may have spoiled us, page admins. With the platform update of enabling pages to like other pages and join groups, commenting as a page on Facebook became a part of a routine. On LinkedIn, the only place you can interact with other people as a Company page is the Company page itself. Or is it? We’ve found a little hack, read on to find out how you can engage other LinkedIn users as a company page outside the page itself.

Businesses today have a new battlefield: social media. The point is to show the crowd that follows you how big of an expert you are in your field, that you follow trends and clients’ needs, and still, you’re approachable, polite, and really nice to talk to.

Well, if you want to do that on LinkedIn, a “business first” network, you’ll have to get creative. Yes, you could always wait for someone to comment on your post. 

Raise your hand if you want to wait for another thing in your life!

I don’t see any hands… Weird… 😉 

Moving on to the actual steps.

Follow your industry related hashtags

Listen up page admins:

  1. Go into your Company page
  2. Scroll down a little to find the “Community hashtags section”
  1. Click the little edit pencil
  2. In the “+ add hashtag box” you’ll want to type in 3 hashtags related to your field of business. We’re currently on these three. Will explain why currently

Choose your hashtags wisely

We do digital, software development and cybersecurity. This choice of tags seems obvious. And it’s not wrong, everything is by the book.

But if the company was to decide that we need to hire cybersecurity experts or sell a marketing service, my choice of tags would be a lot different. I would edit the current tags and choose the ones that are specifically related to what we need. 

This explains the currently mentioned before.

Commenting as the Company page

Once in a while, you will get this type of notification:

When you do, just click it, read the trending post and go ahead and comment! Try to post a useful response which will present your company accordingly.

This may generate you a new follower, a lead, or a business relationship that’s worth developing.

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