Social media monitoring tools: How they do good for your business?

social media monitoring tools

It is generally known that social media presence nowadays it’s a must!  If you are not present in the world of social media it’s like you even don’t exist as a business in the real world. Your marketing remains on a traditional level, and that is not the picture that you want to send to your followers. You have to be ready, set and go digital

So, when you are all digitally transformed, in the sea of different social media networks, it is important to choose the right ones for your business and according to your marketing strategy. Sometimes, and this is the common practice, the bigger the number of social media you are present on, it is more difficult to handle the management of all these channels by yourself. You’ll have to learn how to swim in the sea of all these different networks. That’s where the social media monitoring tools jump in as a lifeguard.

Before we look into all the different tools, let’s see the main benefits of their use:

  1. It saves you a whole lot of time. You can do all of the activities manually like checking each social network for mentions, hashtags, creating content, creating audio and video materials, make some sort of reporting dashboard to sum all of your research, redesign the post’s framework for different formats… But that will take up your entire day.
  • It saves you money. Just do the simple comparison of the “costs per hour” you will spend to manage all of these different activities by yourself and the cost of social media marketing tools. Some of them are even free, like Hootsuite (they offer a free plan for 1 user and 3 social profiles), and you can use some pretty good ones in a price range from 49$ to 99$.
  • They are pretty easy to use. All of the social media monitoring tool platforms are very intuitive, but even if you have some sort of confusion about certain modules, you can easily access the tutorial, or ask the committed staff and expect a very fast reply.
  • They are organization-friendly. You can collaborate on different tasks with your team easily, make notes, somebody else from your team can finish the task you first began to work on and minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Depending on your needs, social media tools offer a variety of services. You should always ask yourself what is the goal you want to achieve before you make a purchase. Do you want to raise your brand awareness? Do you want to keep track of what your audience has to say about your brand? Generate more leads? Social media analytics? Social media monitoring? Keeping these objectives in mind, here are Top 4 Social Media tools that we recommend that are suitable as a means to fulfil each of these different marketing goals.


Brand24 is an app that helps you track & engage people talking about your company, identify and analyze online conversations about your brands, products, and competitors, allows you to track and engage online conversations relevant to your business. It is suitable for social listening. Monitoring different keywords in social media and on the internet make finding public mentions of any topic quick and easy with Brand24. Brand 24 allows you to access these keywords and mentions inside a single dashboard even if they are from different channels such as blogs, forums, social media. This is how the dashboard looks like:

One specific tool that is particularly interesting and we want to highlight with the BRAND24 is social media sentiment analysis

First thing’s first. You have to start to listen to your audience, and let them guide you. It’s about them after all, so you shouldn’t base your strategy on assumptions. Let the tool be your “wing man” in this journey of creating audience segments. If you base your actions on psychographic data like – the attitudes, interests and behaviours of consumers, the more likely you will succeed to connect with them and increase the satisfaction around your brand.

Social media sentiment analysis determines whether the user is talking about your product in a positive, negative, or neutral way. To do that, social media sentiment analysis algorithms apply natural language processing (NLP) to social mentions from various social media sources. The tool collects only publicly available data from different social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. You can try it out thanks to a 14-day free trial and see if it fits your needs. Example of positive and negative mentions: 

Your business can benefit from social media sentiment analysis in different ways. You can improve your customer service, prevent social media crises, monitor your competitors. From negative feedback, you can always learn and work on improvements. 


Zoomsphere is a social media tool that has 6 different apps that you can easily choose from the ZoomSphere App store. There you can learn about every individual app and decide which one do you need. You can choose to trial each app for 31 days for free

  • Publisher – is an app that allows you to prepare and schedule all your posts from one place, manage multiple pages, profiles, and accounts across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, or LinkedIn, communicate within your team, leave notes, comments or assign specific tasks to colleagues.
  • Monitoring –  Tracks social media comments and also web mentions, finds every web mention based on your chosen keywords, statistics and reports ready to download
  • Analytics – Measure and analyze the performance of your social media channels. Compare following periods, create shareable reports or download your data into Excel/PDF/image – all from one intuitive dashboard.
  • Comparisons – Provides side by side comparisons that filter all your competitors by brands, content type or social media platform
  • Customer care – Helps you create a long term relationship with your friends and followers.
  • Facebook leads manager – Stores all the generated contacts across the executed campaigns in one place, so that way you can address new contacts easily.

The most interesting module in Zoomsphere, that we would like to emphasize is Comparison. You can start with a 31-day free trial and after the trial period the price is 89$ – monthly. This module allows you to dive deep in the competitor’s analytics and monitor how your competitors perform on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All public accessible data will be shown in the module and you can visualize them into clear charts. Once you set up your profile and determine which competitors you want to track, you are ready, set and you can GO. After you specify the date range, you can start to compare data side by side. The connected profiles are all put together with all the numbers you are interested in.

Here are some examples of the categories we used for comparison. Data is provided by our client to whom we provide social media management services :


Interactions by the day of the week

As you can see, here we can compare interactions with our own and our competitor’s brand. The total number of interactions is displayed by each day of the week along with the last week’s interactions and we can measure the difference in percent.

Another metric is Page Interactions:

Here we can see the number of page interactions in the given period of time along with the previous period and the difference is also displayed in a percentage for both brands simultaneously. All of these metrics we can add to a report and print it in PDF. Pretty handy isn’t it?

How can the Comparison tool do you good? Well, once you understand what your competitor’s audience love, you can decide whether that information should change your approach. So go and do the same thing  – even better. You can also draw conclusions about the dissatisfaction of their audience so you can jump in and fill the audience’s needs and build loyal customers.


Buffer has three different platforms available in one – publish, reply and analyze. And it has different pricing structures for each. They intentionally kept them as separate products so that they can build the best-of-breed solution in each area and offer their customers the flexibility to choose only the products they need.

  • Publish helps you build your audience and grow your brand on social
  • Reply helps brands provide amazing customer service on social
  • And Analyze offers analytics around the brand’s efforts

We are going to focus on Buffer Social Media Analyze here. Buffer Analyze offers 14 days free and after the trial period the cost is around 35$ per month and you can manage 8 social accounts. Buffer Analyze focuses on analytics, providing you data on your (organic) social media post, recommending posting strategies, and letting you easily create social media reports. 

3 cool features we have singled out:

  • Instagram Stories Analytics. Instagram breaks out metrics for Stories, separately from posts allowing you to track and optimize your stories independently. Buffer Analyze shares reach and completion rate for individual Instagram Stories and overall metrics, such as total impressions and average reach, for all the Instagram Stories you have posted within your chosen period
  • Buffer Analyze Answers is “the best times to post tool”. Three most asked questions in content marketing are what days, times, and types of content to post. We advise our clients to look at their own data to discover what works best with their audience. Buffer Analyze Answers do that for you using your data. Product Marketer in Buffer, Alfred Lua recommends the following: “To find out the best times to post for your social media account, sort your posts by your desired metric, such as likes, impressions, or engagement rate. Then see when the top posts were published or if any times keep coming up for your top posts. Note down the times. These are your current best times to post.”

  • Create professional reports in a few clicks. Reports are especially useful if you’re managing social media and need to report on performance to your boss, department, or client. Once you’ve set up a report, stats are updated daily. Each widget on each page has an Add to Report button in the top right.

You can add data to a new report that you create, or to an existing report. You can also sum up all your reports in the given period


The biggest problem of influential marketing (where number or followers determines a value)  is fraud. You’ll never earn money from fake followers – they just make your engagement look bad ( think millions of followers, but only a few hundred likes per photo ) and ruin your reputation. So, before working with an influencer it’s advised you perform a fake follower check.

That’s why HypeAuditor weeds out fake followers on  Instagram and Youtube accounts to help you determine organic reach. HypeAuditor is an Instagram and Youtube influencer measurement tool. 

In order to identify fake followers, HypeAuditor operates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in finding behavioral patterns. A Metric that measures the actual value of an influencer is the Audience Quality Score (AQS). It goes from 1 to 100. According to AQS, all accounts with a rating over 70 indicates an influential person whose audience is truly engaging. Accounts with a rating between 40 and 70 are required for further investigation.

Additionally, HypeAuditor analyzes your audience to figure out where they live, their age and gender. It also analyzes which countries the followers in each account came from, and the language they spoke.

Here is an example of HypeAuditor’s audience analysis:

Engagement Rate (ER)  is the percentage of followers that engage with their posts and gives a good understanding of how well they will do for your sponsored posts or collaborations. This metric gives you the insight of the “quality” followers – giving you a more accurate forecast of what that influencer’s reach is.  HypeAuditor divides engagement rates into ten criteria, and engagement rates into low, general, good, and better grades.

Another useful metric is the Follower Reachability. This is the number of followers in this audience that follow less than 1500 other accounts—the more accounts they follow, the less likely they’ll ever scroll past your content in their Instagram feed.

Another great feature of the HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery Tool. There are over 10 million Instagram influencers and over 3 million YouTube video bloggers in the database which is updated daily. Using 15 filters and an unlimited number of keywords you can find influencers in 253 countries in any niche. The unique feature of the discovery tool is a growth filter. It helps to find influencers whose growth rate for the past 7, 30 or 180 days has been between 10% and 100%.

HypeAuditor is available for pay-as-you-go and subscription models. If you use it as a pay-as-you-go basis, you’ll need to pay in advance for a credit line that gives you an impactor report. Each report is valid for one year. The more reports you buy, the cheaper the price for each report:

1 report — $ 30

10 reports — $149 ($14.9 per report)

50 reports — $349 ($6.98 per report)

If you choose to subscribe to a plan, you can use some great advanced features:

  • Custom integration with your existing software tools through the API
  • Access influential discovery tools with more than 10 million Instagram and 3 million YouTube influencers in the database
  • The growth of Instagram accounts tracks indicators related to background data, such as high-quality audience growth, engagement, and so on.
  • Instagram account comparison, up to 5 influencers at a time
  • Instagram Campaign Tracking where you can track and analyze the impact campaigns you’re running
  • Custom subdomains for sharing reports with partners and customers
  • A report with a white label that contains the name and logo of your brand or dealer
  • Dedicated customer support

HypeAuditor is an absolute must for any brands that are working with influencers or looking to work with new influencers, it’s an amazing tool and we think it’s worth every penny.

Which social media tool is the right fit for you?

You’ll have to figure out this on your own. 

Depending on your or your client’s current marketing and sales goals, maybe one tool will suit you at one time, but another will come in handy for a second client or when your goals change.

The best, but not the cheapest, is to have yourself a little cocktail, mix the tools up, and cover all social media monitoring aspects. Or, you can contact us and we can recommend the best approach on social media management that gets you the results you deserve.

This article was written by Jasmina Popović, business developer @RCMT IT Europe

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