Naming your business on Instagram: Can you manage?

naming business on instagram

It’s always a good time to start developing your own company. You have the expertise, maybe even some potential clients, but what you probably haven’t decided on is a name: if this is the case – good for you! Today, we’re sharing a true story about naming a business and how to harvest the most out of that name on social media.

When I think of a modern company, or want to investigate how the competition is presenting their client’s services, the first thing I presume is that the company is on social media. Almost never do I type in a business name on google. Searching on social media has become a part of my routine, as well as thousands of other people. The search habits now are such that you use google for a general search, like: “outsourcing IT company in Serbia”, but when you find what you’ve been searching for you go to and through their social media channels.

What’s the logic behind this?

Well, many companies, including ours, don’t have the time to update their websites on a regular basis. This is a sad fact, but it’s true. Clients come first, always have and always will. However, we’re regular on our social media posting, and everything that’s new and interesting we publish there: jobs, achievements, new services, finished projects… 

It’s a little different when you’re a branch of a 50-year-old established business, but when you’re new, you have to steal the spotlight every chance you get, and that means you’ll have to fight to be listed as a search result on social media even when the searcher is not intentionally looking for you. That’s why it’s important to have an appealing name for your business.

Instagram, self-branding and sales 

Instagram is a great place to work on your self-promotion. Everyone is doing it, it’s not like you should be ashamed. And for a small bribe (by this I mean a little money invested in advertisement) Instagram will let you reach a great number of users and offer them your wisdom, services and help. 

So, how to start making a brand of yourself on Instagram?

It’s a visual platform. You’ll have to have professional photos of yourself and posts that are designed by a real designer. Also, try to implement storytelling in the look and feel of your profile, so when someone flips through your profile every part of it is like a piece of a great big puzzle. 

By the way, if you want to know more about how to enhance your online presence through social media, I’ll be happy to chat with you. You can go to the Contact us page and ask for a meeting.

What name should you choose: yours of course – if you’re going after local or regional clients, but if you’re taking on the world… unless you’re an internationally renowned expert, maybe it’s safer to choose a name that will represent what you do more than who you are

What to do if you’re starting an independent company from an existing one?

Some people are blessed with diverse careers, a curious nature and a management mindset. So to pick only one of their skills to be their service to clients would be a waste of talent. As a client, you can use them up better if you let them do the most they can.

Those people are natural-born business consultants, although they might have been working in a different area of business by now. 

The true story goes like this…

IT Serbia is one of the biggest internet portals in Serbia where IT companies who are willing to outsource their resources to international partners are listed and can be contacted for cooperation. 

After working in IT for 15 years at various positions from software development to C-level management, the founder of IT Serbia decided to, once again, step up his career and set off to business consulting. But how is “IT Serbia” related to business or management consulting? Nohow. At least not for anybody who doesn’t know the founder in person.

Now, we needed to come up with a brand name that is going to represent him as well as the tips and services he’s offering to upper-level managers in order for them to improve their managing skills. Since he has done business with both European and US partners, the name should be on 

My task wasn’t easy. How to name a management consulting service on social media? I was looking at every possible google search result, blogs on consulting, images, quotes… I had to know what people who want to level up their management career are searching, reading and thinking about. It turns out that management is an everlasting string of how-tos. You never stop learning, and if you do, it means that you’re not a very good manager.

This can be stressful for people of this trade. After all, it is quite exhausting to work all day and study all the time you have left if you want to move ahead in your career. All this made me think of the person most likely to be interested in management consulting services. 

Behind the suit, the attitude and the smile, stands a stressed person, tired, always short on time, but willing to give the extra effort in order to help, improve, make the deadline, exceed expectations. 

I came up with You Can Manage Too. At the same time, this is a motivational phrase for those who are starting their career as a PMP, and a comforting one for those already there. You can manage, and it only gets easier with our free tips and tricks that we’ll be sharing on our social media channels, and if you just want the credit, not the work, you can hire us. 

Ok, this is the rough version used by me and my team. The basis needs to be simple, so you don’t get lost afterward. 

Let’s summarize now

How to name a business on social media: 5 steps process 

  1. If you’re famous in the geographical area you’re targeting as future clients use your name.
  2. If you’re just starting a company do a research of the kind of people your future desirable clients are.
  3. Find what you have in common: what’s your strength and their pain spot? Besides your business being based on that, your business’ name should be also. Look for the emotion.
  4. When you shortlist names try to think about how those names would fit into your content. Can they be used as a part of a quote? Or are they inspiring for an illustration of some sort?
  5. Check availability! 

So, what did you call your business in the end?

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