Stress management: a layered problem requires a layered solution

Stress is one of the leading health problems of today, it is the cause or trigger of many mental and health problems. It reduces productivity at work, reduces commitment in the family and reduces the body’s immunity. Also, repairing the effects of stress costs a fortune. The changed living conditions due to the pandemic have only worsened this already serious problem. That is why the interest in this topic has further increased today.

Why implement a stress management program at the workplace?

My stress management program has been successfully held over 30 times in the last 4 years, in the field of education it is accredited by the Institute for Advanced Training in Education. It uses universal principles from cognitive-behavioral therapy and has proven to be easily adaptable to various target groups.

Last month, my cooperation with RCMT IT Europe took place.

A layered problem requires a layered solution

Through 10 workshops, we covered different levels at which we can deal with stress:

  • Level of thinking – through training of rational thinking
  • Body level and psychophysiology – through relaxation training and calming techniques
  • Level of behavior – training in dealing with fears and training in assertive communication

We also dedicated a part of the training to burnout syndrome, as a specific form of stress, with an emphasis on the role of leaders in preventing burnouts in the team.

The interested parties were divided into two groups, which met through Zoom once a week, after working hours. The workshops were filmed, so that those who missed one could be in progress, and the participants were also given useful materials to work on themselves. 

Participants were allowed to share their problems and ask questions completely anonymously between meetings. Furthermore, RCMT IT Europe employees will have individual meetings at their disposal. We can now say that the cooperation is taking place to the mutual satisfaction, and that we will continue and expand it in different directions.

Personal development and growth do not stop after the stress management program is finished

Last night I had a therapy session with my client who works as a programmer. In an informal conversation at the end of our meeting, I stated that about half of my current clients are employed in the IT sector, which is true, and that this indicates that a large number of them are under great pressure. 

He replied that it was true that they were under a lot of stress, but that there was another important thing, salaries in Serbia are stronger in the IT sector than in other industries, so psychotherapeutic help is available to them, unlike some who may need it, but cannot afford it. That is also true.

This inspired both myself and RCMT IT Europe’s management to try and meet the needs of those who can as well as those who, at the moment, can’t afford psychotherapeutic counseling! We decided to offer workshops to other companies, organize useful lectures for a wider audience, etc.

If you want to take care of the health of your employees and the atmosphere in the team, we will be here for you!

Also, in order to be responsible for the wider community and the mental health of those with limited financial capabilities, we decided to start developing applications and platforms for psychological help, which will be available to anyone who uses a smartphone or computer!

We believe that if we are open to cooperating, learning from each other, caring for each other, we are one step closer to a healthier society and a brighter future.

This article is written by Stevan Stanojević, Psychologist, CTB Therapist 
and an External Associate to RCMT IT Europe HR department

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