RCMT IT Europe is a Serbian branch of the USA based Public Company RCM Technologies, Inc, a premium provider of business and technology solutions in advanced engineering and information technology.

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RCM Technologies Inc. helps clients leverage technology innovation to optimize business performance, attract new business opportunities and drive greater global market share since 1971.

„From application development and IT infrastructure management to the design and commissioning of projects ranging from rebuilding power plants to engineering helicopters, we combine the breadth of our technological expertise with commercially viable innovation utilizing our entrepreneurial acumen to deliver a wide array of smart solutions.“

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RCMT IT Europe… 

… was founded in February 2018.  

It all started with a small but dedicated team of seven people: GM, PM, Head of R&D and 4 seniors in software development.

Our focus was to take on meaningful work and leave an immediate mark on the company map.

With that small team, we managed to digitalize the entire payroll and billing data management process of the mother company. 

The rest is not history, it’s our present and future.

What can we do to help your business?

With RCMT IT Europe by your side:

  • your IT systems will be safe and operable.
  • you’ll have software that helps your business processes flow with ease
  • you’ll be able to promote your products and services online to the audience of appropriate consumers

We have 55 people in 3 units working simultaneously towards enabling our clients to achieve a modern business environment with all systems synchronized and business goals reached faster and smarter.
And we are still growing

RCMT IT Europe then and now


Ensure the availability of your IT systems

  • Utilize a combination of people, technology and cybersecurity best practices designed to ensure the availability of your IT systems.
  • Help assess the current cybersecurity posture of your IT systems
  • Remediate protection gaps to improve the overall cybersecurity protection of your IT systems.

According to ARC ICS Cybersecurity Model, RCMT IT Europe cybersecurity team is able to provide even the highest level of protection to end customers.

Services we commonly provide:


  • Recommends process updates to the PC for inclusion in the DCP
  • Handling initial SIEM alerts to conduct initial analysis and provide recommendations
  • Assist the PC with gathering data as it relates to preparation of the monthly SIEM report if needed
  • Handling incoming ticket requests
  • Perform troubleshooting
  • Perform daily health checks
  • Verifies backups have completed successfully
  • Run/Preparing Weekly SIEM tuning reports
  • Threat Hunting


  • Monitor the incident queue
  • Perform analysis of emails received via the incident queue


  • Preparation of the monthly Firewall/IPS reports
  • Monitor Ticketing System Queue for received Firewall Change tickets and create and/or review Firewall change plans
  • Handling incoming ticket requests and/or assign them to the appropriate personnel as required
  • Monitor IPS Alerts
  • Perform basic troubleshooting
  • Identify System performance issues

Custom Software Development

Reliable software solutions for a productive business environment

Let’s talk about your business processes. Maybe paperwork is slowing you down? Or your resources keep wasting and you can’t seem to figure out where’s the leak? We will analyze your pain spots and we’ll have an idea for improvement ready within 48 hours.

Our software tools and applications are built using

  • JavaEE 7 | Java 8 | Spring | SpringBoot
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS | JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Microsoft .NET web development
  • WebGL 1.0 / 2.0 (Three.JS)
  • Apple iOS Swift 4
  • ARCore | ARKit
  • TypeScript | Angular
  • HTML5 | CSS3

We enjoy dealing with System architecture design, but also actively work on multiple web development projects:

  • Web sites
  • CMS
  • Custom web applications with complex business logic

We are passionate about Mobile application development including apps for iOSAndroid and Unity-based apps, and have experience in AR/VR apps development for any platform like Oculus, Hololens and Mobile and portable devices.

Digital Marketing

Place your product on the market and reach the right customers

Based on the type of products or services you offer, our marketing team will do thorough market research in order to identify the niches and potential audience that craves what you’re offering.

Before we initiate any advertising activity we will recommend the digital platforms most appropriate to advertise on for your business goals. Promotion costs will be tailored to fit your budget so you’ll know exactly what kind of benefit you can expect with the money you invested.

You want your website to rank higher on Google? No problem, we’re always up for SEO.

You need to reach your customers on a more personal level or present a new product to a large number of people? Let us handle your social media!

Or maybe, you have a big database of people who bought something from you in the past, and now you need to draw their attention to your current products? One newsletter on the way!

We can help you with:

  • Writing and optimizing your website or blog content
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google advertising campaigns
  • App store optimization
  • Email marketing campaigns
The Team

Since we started, we had been experiencing a steady growth in projects undertaking pace and complexity and reached a point of enough manpower, skill and diverse technologies utilization that we are able to answer YES WE CAN to our clients’ demands. 
We have the people and those people have a VISION ON HOW

Tell us more about your project, and we’ll get back to you with a possible solution in the next 48 hours.

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