Stress management: a layered problem requires a layered solution

Stress is one of the leading health problems of today, it is the cause or trigger of many mental and health problems. It reduces productivity at work, reduces commitment in the family and reduces the body’s immunity. Also, repairing the effects of stress costs a fortune. The changed living conditions due to the pandemic have only worsened this already serious problem. That is why the interest in this topic has further increased today.

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The Business game: How to implement gamification in managing an organization

gamification tecnhiques

Employees playing games during work hours, while claiming it improves their job performance. It’s a hard concept to grasp, especially for small business owners, but many learning and development professionals are praising the use of gamification in business, and the reasons why may surprise you.

Gamification takes game techniques we know and love – missions, points, badges and leaderboards – and incorporates those techniques into work environments as a way to engage and motivate people. Adding gamification inspires employees by tapping into what intrinsically and extrinsically motivates all people – earning progress, having purpose and driving towards mastery.

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Most Popular Online Business Models – Pros & Cons

how to make money online

If you’re interested in acquiring an online business, there are several e-business models to choose from. You should carefully evaluate your options to find the one that best fits your skills, experience, time requirement and risk appetite. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to make money online, so here we have tried to classify the major monetization strategies into categories of online business models.

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BrowserStack and real iOS device: Final comparison

bs vs ios testing

Mobile application testing methods can be different. We can use real devices, simulators or tools (for example BrowserStack, Sauce Labs). The test results may differ depending on the chosen test method. Each testing method has its advantages and disadvantages. 

We compared BrowserStack real devices and real iOS devices and listed, what we think are, the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

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Peer feedback: a company’s reality check

how to do peer feedback

Being part of any organization we all come across feedback. Feedback is a model by which we give or receive an evaluation that may be related to our performance or behavior. We are all aware of how important feedback is, but again we are embarrassed when we need to give it or receive feedback.

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RMT – Solution for effectively tracking Employee Billability and Utilization

billability and utilization tool

Why are employee utilization rates the key to profitability? No matter the focus of an organization – from a software development firm to a marketing agency or a management consultancy firm – they are primarily selling time and their team’s expertise. As such, they need a targeted model for billable resources that applies to each employee across the organization. This requires a utilization rate.

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