How touching a person’s elbow increases your chances of getting what you want

people shaking hands while one touches the other's elbow

The next time you shake hands with a person, reach out with your left hand and lightly touch their elbow or palm while shaking, repeat their name to confirm that you have heard it well and watch their reaction. Not only does this make the person feel important, but it also allows you to memorize the person’s name. Read on to see how appropriate non-verbal communication can maximize your chance of getting what you want from the overall conversation.

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GDPR vs CCPA: Privacy wins!


Since May 2018. businesses had more or less successfully adapted their websites to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation. But if you thought the process of implementing privacy regulations on your business’ website is over, thing again. The California Consumer Privacy Act is set to take effect on January 1st, 2020. Find out how CCPA differs from GDPR and which businesses will have to adjust how they handle website visitors’ personal data by reading on.

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Sales follow up emails: How to engage your prospects and get responses [ideas and templates inside]

email follow up reminder

Sales is a crucial department in every company. A product can be innovative, groundbreaking and lifechanging, but if no one is there to offer it to the right buyers and close the sale it might as well be as it doesn’t exist. Email is still one of the main sales channels, but to strike a deal through email outreach is no easy task. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective on things, so we decided to bounce a few ideas on prospect email engagement of you. Let us know what were the responses like.

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How to name a new application: Originality vs Functionality


Nomen est omen. This saying is based on the belief that a person’s name determines their qualities. It’s no wonder that famous actors and singers often go by their stage names instead of their birth-given ones. The same is true for different products, including software applications. A name can make or break your app. Naming a brand new software app seems easy, until you actually start brainstorming the possibilities. Here’s how we got through it.

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An ADA compliant website: Minimal requirements for an optimal condition

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a very important piece of legislation meant to bring a better quality of life to people with differing abilities. But, back in 1990, when the Act was delivered the internet wasn’t as global as it is today. And now, if your website isn’t ADA compliant you are firstly giving a terrible user experience to your visitors with disabilities, and secondly, you can get sued badly.

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The Design Sprint: What, Why and Who?

design sprint

For those of us who are used to working in sprints implementing the Design Sprint practice is a logical step into a more quality Agile working environment. It’s a great way to validate your project, and get a grip of what challenges you might expect in the future. Also, Design Sprint sheds more light to why are you doing the project in the first place and helps you truly understand your goals.

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