Why artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation is going to skyrocket your sales

When artificial intelligence and machine learning are mentioned, most people think of movie blockbusters, robots, and super-computers. However, these associations are no more science fiction then having a conversation with a chatbot on your favorite e-commerce website. Still, many businesses are doubting the power and the benefits of AI when it comes to sales. For those who are about to embrace it: we salute you! For others, keep reading.

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Servant leadership: The 9 reasons why it makes you a better manager

The PM BOK defines a servant leader as a person who: demonstrates the commitment to serve and put other people first; focuses on other people’s growth, learning, development, autonomy, and well-being; concentrates on relationships, community and collaboration; leadership is secondary and emerges after service. But what about the leader him/herself? How does one benefit from servant leadership in an agile IT environment?

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Motivation in the workplace: Purpose vs Profit

Corporations are living and breathing organisms. Imagine you’re in a hurry to run some errands in the morning, but your legs are just not up to it. Many businesses face the same problem on a daily basis. Motivating people is an ongoing process, and it should be tailored to fit your organization. With that being said, this is how we do it and what we try to avoid.  

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How to overpower the micromanager inside you (and make him leave for good)

People love being managers because humankind is bossy by nature. There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t thought that they may have done something better than the other person or a group, or tried to enforce their view of some sort of a solution on others. But when it comes to your everyday work environment, is it really necessary to manage all the details of the work entrusted to you and your team? If you’re saying no right now, but your heart and mind are screaming yes, you are probably battling your inner micromanager.

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DIY: Google sheets dashboard

When documenting a project a lot of data builds up over time. In our company, project managers deal with tracking and taking note of everything that’s happening in the software development life cycle every day and combine that information in different reports, to oversee the entire project even better.

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If you’re doing these 4 things, your Instagram strategy should change immediately!

instagram mistakes illustration

An Instagram page has become a mandatory marketing channel for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a software developing company, building a community of followers on Instagram is something that can bring your potential clients closer to you and your business goals. Are you getting it right? We’ve identified the 4 most common mistakes made on Instagram. To learn how to avoid them, go through this 3 minute read.

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Creative process from inception to implementation: An email signature that shares our values

When we, as professionals, communicate with business partners and clients as much as we hate to admit it, we follow a certain pattern. Holding on to conventional greetings, standard thanking and purpose statements and formal closing remarks ensures the message to be understood. The goal of this kind of communication is that the receiver feels appreciated and encouraged to give appropriate feedback stimulated by the content that’s been sent.

But what about the sender?

Step 1 of the creative process: The preparation

We took the time to analyze some emails from our own inboxes and had an important realization: we need more personalization. We are people communicating with other people, and given that we work in a highly creative and innovative environment of an IT company, the topics of our conversations are mostly new ideas and ways to improve existing hi-tech products. The standardized mailing patterns sometimes can’t be avoided, but to show that we invest a lot of heart into every message, we needed to reinvent at least the email signature and try to show our partners and clients that we’re firstly people and then extraordinary software developers.

screenshot of an email signature
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