How to name a new application: Originality vs Functionality


Nomen est omen. This saying is based on the belief that a person’s name determines their qualities. It’s no wonder that famous actors and singers often go by their stage names instead of their birth-given ones. The same is true for different products, including software applications. A name can make or break your app. Naming a brand new software app seems easy, until you actually start brainstorming the possibilities. Here’s how we got through it.

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The Design Sprint: What, Why and Who?

design sprint

For those of us who are used to working in sprints implementing the Design Sprint practice is a logical step into a more quality Agile working environment. It’s a great way to validate your project, and get a grip of what challenges you might expect in the future. Also, Design Sprint sheds more light to why are you doing the project in the first place and helps you truly understand your goals.

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Horreum Competence: Evaluate your team’s skills without leaving your Jira project

Forming a team takes great consideration. Not only that you have to choose teammates with skills that align with your project’s goals, but they have to be compatible in commitment, able to communicate in an efficient way and be highly interested in developing their skills further, whether that’s a project related need or a part of the company’s strategy.

But how do you know the level in which your resources mastered the skill set demanded by their work position and company role? Assess, compare and be transparent about the results. Or, Horreum Competence can do it for you.

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Earned Value Management which values your time: Horreum EVM app for Jira

Horreum EVM banner

If you are a project manager, chances are you’ve gotten familiar with the EVM concept early in your career. That also means you’ve used an EVM report template or had a privilege to make one yourself. We’ll admit to a certain amount of excitement while doing the EVM formulas calculation, tracking all the project costs and evaluating our project’s progress over time in EVM charts, but on the other hand, all those things take time, and as project managers, we know that time is always running out too fast.

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Do you really need Continuous software development and why should you adopt it right now?

You know the situation when you have a great idea for a software product, you have the people for the job, they have the skills to build the product but still you find that there’s something missing in order for the development process to go smoothly and without disruptions? We do, too…

In this article, we’ll share with you how we managed to overcome those disruption by taking a turn in the right direction by starting to practice continuous software development as an everyday routine.

CI/CD illustration
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Horreum Apps: All the tools you’ll ever need to manage your Jira project effectively

Jira is a great project management piece of software. Here, in RCMT IT Europe we use it every day and love it to bits. The best thing about Jira is that it’s limitless. It gave us the power to build on its foundation and now, we can’t stop the creation force.

Starting this creative journey we had one person in particular in mind: your very own Project manager. We said: “Let’s make this guy’s (gall’s) workday a little less complicated”. Our PMs say that hope is the last thing to die, so they’re working with developers in high-motivation mode since they’ll be the first ones to get and test all the products.

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