RMT – Solution for effectively tracking Employee Billability and Utilization

billability and utilization tool

Why are employee utilization rates the key to profitability? No matter the focus of an organization – from a software development firm to a marketing agency or a management consultancy firm – they are primarily selling time and their team’s expertise. As such, they need a targeted model for billable resources that applies to each employee across the organization. This requires a utilization rate.

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Company pages on LinkedIn CAN comment on non-followers’ posts: Here’s how

inkedin pages can comment

Facebook may have spoiled us, page admins. With the platform update of enabling pages to like other pages and join groups, commenting as a page on Facebook became a part of a routine. On LinkedIn, the only place you can interact with other people as a Company page is the Company page itself. Or is it? We’ve found a little hack, read on to find out how you can engage other LinkedIn users as a company page outside the page itself.

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Contact Us: Well, don’t mind if I do!

contact channels icons

It seems fairly simple: create a contact page and people will contact you. Wrong! There’s much more to it, then just slapping your email or a phone number on a page of your website. Just like any other page you’re creating, a contact page has to have — even more than others, carefully crafted content. Content on the contact page? Dig into the article to see what we mean.

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Digital transformation: Why going digital is important for your business

digital transformation illustration

Advanced information and communication technologies created a new way to do business. The global economy was officially boosted. Through digital channels, consumers can buy products without physically getting in touch with the product provider. They just need an internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone. The digital transformation allows you to utilize the power of business software, expand your market and stay in contact with your clients while having instant feedback and responding to their requests at a glance. 

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[2020 Update] How to do Earned Value Management reports

horreum evm update

A big part of earning a living as a project manager is being able to tell how well your project is doing at any given time. This means having accurate reports on every aspect of the project in order to have answers to the big questions: Is it gonna be on time? and Is it gonna be on budget? Earned value management report tells you exactly how far along is your project, and is it progressing at a satisfying rate. Here’s how to do EVM in 2020.

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How to migrate LinkedIn followers to another company page: Solved!

linkedin follower migration illustration

It may seem a bit unprofessional and some of your followers may even find it rude if you suddenly stop posting content on your LinkedIn company page due to the creation of another one. But sometimes, this is an action that a company has to take for the greater good if it wants to establish a professional and an adequate online presence. Read on to find out how to migrate your followers and not lose the audience of connections you’ve worked hard on building if you’re for any reason compelled to create a new LinkedIn company page.

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How touching a person’s elbow increases your chances of getting what you want

people shaking hands while one touches the other's elbow

The next time you shake hands with a person, reach out with your left hand and lightly touch their elbow or palm while shaking, repeat their name to confirm that you have heard it well and watch their reaction. Not only does this make the person feel important, but it also allows you to memorize the person’s name. Read on to see how appropriate non-verbal communication can maximize your chance of getting what you want from the overall conversation.

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