Do you really need Continuous software development and why should you adopt it right now?

You know the situation when you have a great idea for a software product, you have the people for the job, they have the skills to build the product but still you find that there’s something missing in order for the development process to go smoothly and without disruptions? We do, too…

In this article, we’ll share with you how we managed to overcome those disruption by taking a turn in the right direction by starting to practice continuous software development as an everyday routine.

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Creative process from inception to implementation: An email signature that shares our values

When we, as professionals, communicate with business partners and clients as much as we hate to admit it, we follow a certain pattern. Holding on to conventional greetings, standard thanking and purpose statements and formal closing remarks ensures the message to be understood. The goal of this kind of communication is that the receiver feels appreciated and encouraged to give appropriate feedback stimulated by the content that’s been sent.

But what about the sender?

Step 1 of the creative process: The preparation

We took time to analyze some emails from our own inboxes and had an important realization: we need more personalization. We are people communicating with other people, and given that we work in a highly creative and innovative environment of an IT company, the topics of our conversations are mostly new ideas and ways to improve existing hi-tech products. The standardized mailing patterns sometimes can’t be avoided, but to show that we invest a lot of heart into every message, we needed to reinvent at least the email signature and try to show our partners and clients that we’re firstly people and then extraordinary software developers.

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10 Tips for a Facebook Business Page that works

Whether you like it or not, a big chunk of our lives is led online. We get our daily dose of information online, we meet up with friends to chat, we buy all kinds of stuff, listen to music, read books… Using the Internet to enhance the chances for success of our business seems like a logical plan. Set up a website, a Facebook and Instagram account, invite our friends to follow, put up nice pictures of products and everything is set for the big bucks to come dancing in. A piece of cake, right? Wrong!

So, if you don’t want to be an example of the “if it’s not on Facebook it didn’t happen” quote, we suggest you follow these 10 steps and learn how to utilize your Facebook page so it becomes your most valuable source of leads and opportunities.

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Horreum Apps: All the tools you’ll ever need to manage your Jira project effectively

Jira is a great project management piece of software. Here, in RCMT IT Europe we use it every day and love it to bits. The best thing about Jira is that it’s limitless. It gave us the power to build on its foundation and now, we can’t stop the creation force.

Starting this creative journey we had one person in particular in mind: your very own Project manager. We said: “Let’s make this guy’s (gall’s) workday a little less complicated”. Our PMs say that hope is the last thing to die, so they’re working with developers in high-motivation mode, since they’ll be the first ones to get and test all the products.

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The Discovery Process: An Initial Investment in Custom Development Success

The biggest factor in the success of a custom application development effort is a clear understanding of the project, shared between the development team and the customer.

This means  having a complete and on-going understanding of the goals of the application and how it will support the customer’s needs. There are typically many options for how to achieve customer’s goals with an application. Through excellent communication, you can determine the best approach to deliver a great application, while collaborating to avoid problems and agree on variables that can impact cost and schedule. We have defined a process within our application development lifecycle to ensure this shared understanding and initiate a healthy partnership between our team and the customer. This process is called Discovery.

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