RMT – Solution for effectively tracking Employee Billability and Utilization

billability and utilization tool

Why are employee utilization rates the key to profitability? No matter the focus of an organization – from a software development firm to a marketing agency or a management consultancy firm – they are primarily selling time and their team’s expertise. As such, they need a targeted model for billable resources that applies to each employee across the organization. This requires a utilization rate.

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Horreum Competence: Evaluate your team’s skills without leaving your Jira project

Forming a team takes great consideration. Not only that you have to choose teammates with skills that align with your project’s goals, but they have to be compatible in commitment, able to communicate in an efficient way and be highly interested in developing their skills further, whether that’s a project related need or a part of the company’s strategy.

But how do you know the level in which your resources mastered the skill set demanded by their work position and company role? Assess, compare and be transparent about the results. Or, Horreum Competence can do it for you.

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